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Prism Audio is valuated brand, well known from providing wide scope of stereo and multi-channel loudspeaker systems. Delivering finest products is our goal and true passion. We are manufacturing speakers that produce clear, precise and natural sound which is spread from visually attractive cabinets. Prism Audio simply pays most of its attention to develop technologically and aesthetically stunning speakers.

We do not produce just cheap and affordable products; we are revaluing the way of listening music and the value of its purchase.

Our endeavors met with significant success. Numerous customers worldwide trusted us and chose Prism Audio’s speakers as their stereo or multi-channel systems. They use them in Stereo and Home Cinema sets, gaining most exciting experiences possible. Versatility of our products allows choosing from variety of applies. We offer ranges based on our fabulous Emerald and Amethyst front speakers which allow you to enjoy the real purity of sound in every application.

Apart from technology and engineering, we are also preparing “Sonic Tests”

an obligatory stage of verifying the quality and performance all of our loudspeakers. Prism Audio’s experts spend hours on listening and adjusting any potential weaknesses that could be found in final product.

Thanks to advanced technologies, modern design and reasonable prices that have been noticed by many customers, Prism Audio is still expanding its activity and entering new markets on all continents. Please, contact your nearest distributor to receive all information on our products.



When I first connected Emeralds to my system, I was truly astonished by the fact that speakers at such price could produce sound I could feel with whole my body. If anyone would ask me for my advice - I will point at them at once..
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